Wearable Computer Mouse and Electronic Device Controller

41SFT1QnC+L._SY355_Did you hear about the miraculous wearable mouse? if no, then you really have missed some lovable computer gadget. This is a really revolution in the computer peripherals industry. Ergonomic has invented this awesome device which can help you control your computer pointer with ease of finger moves. Just imagine wearing a device like a ring on your finger and controlling your computer pointer with finger movements, is it look awesome? when you touch the finger on somewhere on the table or your laptop, that will pretend as a mouse click, Doesn’t seem sophisticated to you? Yes this is what Ergonomic invented and its now available in market.

2-Button Ergonomic USB 800dpi Optical Finger Mouse



The finger mouse straps onto your finger and work with the movement of your finger whether you have a mouse pad or not. This mouse controller has awesome features which will make you love it. Some of the delicious things are written here about that mouse.

  1. Since this is a wearable mouse pointer, it allows you to wear on one of your fingers, either on left or right hands.
  2. It does not require a mouse pad, it will work with any surface.
  3. Built-in scroll wheel to let you scroll using ease of your thumb.
  4. Two crackable buttons are there to mimic “Left mouse click” and “Right mouse click“.
  5. It has 800DPI resolution which makes its control more accurate.
  6. USB powered, it consumes really low power and even from USB port of your laptop or PC.
  7. Its really as much lightweight as to strap it onto your finger and move finger easily.

Wearable Computer Mouse Price Comparison

Brand Ergonomic Wearable Mouse Mycestro Wearable Mouse ThumbTrack
Price $5.95 $149.00 $145
More Info More Info More Info

Example of Wearable Computer Mouse

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