Top 10 SMTP mail servers for handling your emails in 2021

If you are concerned about your emails whether they are being sent or not to the required address, you need an SMT( Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) to take care of that for you.


An SMTP service provider helps you send emails from your website to the desired address. SMTP mail servers are especially made for the purpose of delivering your emails without them being moved to the junk files. Obviously you would not want your users to wait for the emails to be received. This is why there are many SMTP servers available to handle your daily emails and make sure that they are delivered to the right address.

In this article, we will be rating top 10 SMTP mail servers for business and websites in 2020 which you can use to deliver your emails safely. Following are the top 10 SMTP mail servers:


The best SMTP mail server known is SendinBlue. SendinBlue offers a powerful marketing platform with access to transactional emails, email marketing, SMS marketing and live chat.

It becomes a lavish SMTP mail server when used with WordPress and other third-party platforms like OptinMonster, Salesforce, Google Analytics and many more. It provides personalization and marketing features along with an extensible API and SMTP relay service for your transactional emails.


Mailgun is an SMTP mail server for businesses and developers which comes with a powerful API and features which are beneficial for experienced developers. 

You can easily integrate into your WordPress website with Mailgun. Mailgun can be used for e-Commerce stores, membership websites and even small businesses to send transactional emails.


SendGrid is an SMTP mail server which provides you features to send mass emails without managing an SMTP server.

SendGrid can be used with any WordPress site. The features include delivery optimization tools, email analytics, email templates with a simple email editor, and integrations with third-party apps and services. SendGrid also offers special tools to improve your deliverability. 

4)Amazon SES:

AWS or Amazon Web Services is the industry leader in cloud computing infrastructure. They also offer Amazon SES or Amazon Simple Email Service as an add-on to their web services. It is a cloud-based SMTP mail server for marketers and developers to easily manage marketing, notification, and transactional email campaigns.

It is not beginner friendly as most of the features are for experienced developers. You easily work with your WordPress sites with Amazon SES.

5)G suite:

G Suite is Google’s productivity suite for businesses. It gives you access to calendar, Google Drive, Docs, Photos, and Gmail with your own domain name.

G suite allows you to get a professional business email address with the user friendly interface of google. You can also use your WordPress site with G suite and send WordPress emails. But this SMTP mail server is suitable for small businesses as it can only send 2,000 messages a day.


Postmark is another SMTP mail server which gives you fast delivery of your emails with easy integration.

Postmark has an expertise in sensing transactional emails. They offer easy to follow email analytics, account security, mobile-friendly responsive templates, message events triggered with simple webhooks, and more.

7)Office 365:

Office365 which we have known as Outlook for the past couple of years is a popular email and productivity suite by Microsoft.

Similar to G Suite, Office365 provides you features to create a professional email address. If you are a small business, Office 365 will be a good option as this server works almost similarly to G suite which allows you to handle your emails for a small business. This SMTP mail server also works with your WordPress site.

Office 365 can send 10,000 emails per day which is combined with your regular emails.


SendPulse provides you many marketing features in a single platform. With Sendpulse you get email automation, performance evaluation metrics, multiple communication channels like email, SMS, Facebook messenger, Viber, push notification, etc.

All these features are beneficial for the promotion of your business or products.

9)Elastic emails:

Elastic Email is yet another SMTP mail server which will help you send your emails. It has beneficial features for businesses, developers and marketers or designers. and  It has a set of tools that fits for the needs of everyone may it be developer, marketer or designer. You can easily send your emails with elastic email.


 Moosend is an SMTP mail server which gives you tools to drag & drop email, Google Analytics tracking, easy to manage IP addresses and provides unlimited custom fields that you can use to send emails easily.

We ranked the best SMTP mail servers for business and websites as accurately as we could. You can use these SMTP servers in boosting up your business and website. It doesn’t matter if you have a smaller business, you can use the SMTP servers like Office 365 and G suite which are specially made for smaller business and provide features to help you grow your business. And if you have a business or website on a large scale, there are SMTP servers available for them too.

The above ranked SMTP servers are the best mail servers that you can use to send your emails easily and safely in 2020. We hope that you find the best SMTP service provider for your business. 

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