8 Ways of Connecting Desktop to a Wi-Fi

In recent years, technology has really advanced and the one might risk being left with the new technology. You will realize that nearly all traditional methods of doing things have either been replaced by the new and more advanced technology or they are in the process of being replaced. A very good example is that in the earlier years to get access to the internet the computer had to be connected using the cable or modem which is not the case now.

The most reliable way of getting access to the internet now is by connecting your desktop to the Wi-Fi using wireless adapters. It is one of the advanced ways of connecting to the internet hustle free without using the cables.

How does the wireless adapter work?

The gadget does not work by itself, it is important to note that there is some other gadget that works seamlessly with the adapter in order to connect to the desktop to the Wi-Fi. The most important gadget that you will need is the wireless router that is very vital because it is the source that provides wireless connectivity.

The wireless adapter will ensure that your desktop is connected to the Wi-Fi for easy access of the internet, with the help of the wireless router your machine will have the capability of connecting to the internet not only faster but with a lot of ease.

There are various types of wireless adapter that make it easy for any desktop to connect to a Wi-Fi depending on the user’s preference. Here is a list of some of the most common available wireless adapters.

1. Bluetooth

Even though this gadget is not one of the most reliable ways of connecting to the Wi-Fi, but it is very essential when one wants to transfer on various Bluetooth devices

2. External Wifi Adapter

It is one of the most reliable and convenient ways of connecting the desktop to the Wi-Fi. It is reliable because of the ability to connecting to any desktop or Laptop regardless of the fact that they have Wi-Fi capability or not as it can be easily upgraded for accommodation. These adapters come with USB interface, hence it makes it easier to connect to any computer either desktop or laptop. You can find best USB wifi adapters and choose yours according to your budget and features required.

3. PCI Card

Not such a common way of connecting the desktop to the Wi-Fi because one has to plug the PCI card to the slot in the computer which in the event adds the 802.1n wireless to the device.

4. Cellular Adapters

this is commonly known as broadband adapters and has been in the market for some time now. It is convenient especially on the smartphones because it gives them the capability to connect with the internet in either 3G OR 4G network services.

What are some of the Benefits of the Wireless Adapter?

The technology of using wireless adapters to access the internet has really come with a lot of benefits and here are some of the notable ones.

5. No More Cables

The introduction of the wireless adapter has made it very easy to connect the desktop with the Wi-Fi and get access to the internet without the cumbersome and sometimes unreliable Ethernet cables.

This has made connecting to the internet within the house or even outside very easy without the need of being stuck in one location contrary to the way things used to be done with the cable connectivity. As long as you are within the internet connection range.

6. Less Hardware Required.

A very good number of internet user will surely admit that they have no knowledge of installing hardware in their machines which is why it can be a problem when asked to do so. One can install the Wi-Fi on the PCI Slots in the machine but chances of ruining the machine in the process are very high.

As for the wireless adapter, the whole hustle has been solved very easily because the device is a plug and play and can be done very easily and conveniently on the USB port of the machine. This has even been made very easy in case you are using the most advanced laptops because they come with their own built-in wireless adapters.

The use of the wireless adapter is not only very easy and fast when one wants to connect to the internet, but also reduces a headache one encounter with the need to install new hardware in their machine.

7. Use of Multiple Devices

The fact that one can connect to various devices by the use of a wireless adapter is one of the benefits that cannot be ignored. This means that with a single wireless adapter, so many other devices can use the same to access the internet fast and reliable.

8. Upgrades

The fact that you have acquired a computer is an indication enough that you have spent a huge chunk of your budget on the devices and there is no need of spending so much more when you can get away with it. The wireless adapter is not only a very convenient gadget to use but also very cheap in the long run because one does not require to upgrade the hardware and software so as to get access to the internet.


The intent is one of the best innovation that mankind ever developed because it makes the whole world such a global village. That is why it is very important to get access to the internet with the most advanced technology that is also very fast and convenient. The point above should be a reason why one has to get a wireless adapter to make the whole experience a pleasure.

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