Possible Reasons Why the WiFi Doesn’t Have a Valid IP Configuration

The wireless fidelity has made it possible for numerous electronic devices to access the internet a time. It has also eliminated too much clutter by negating the need for wires and cables. This technology is however prone to some kinds of issues. By far the most outstanding of these is the loss of the IP configuration. 

We are going to examine some of those issues that might cause your Wi-Fi to lose the valid IP configuration. We shall follow thereafter by suggesting some of the steps you might take to rectify the issues. We do hope that the subsequent discussions will let you know what to avoid while leveraging this awesome technology. 


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Below are some of the top causes 1 of the loss of IP configuration and the possible solutions. IP configuration issue can be found on both WiFi router or WiFi adapter for gaming. You may find the complete list of solutions to fix your wireless network IP configuration below.

Expiry of the IP Address 

There are two kinds of IP addresses. These are the static and the dynamic addresses respectively. The former is more permanent whereas the latter is temporary. They are assigned to a computing device only for that session or as long as there is an active internet connectivity in place. If and when this IP address expires, the Wi-Fi shall usually lose it. 

As soon as you sense a loss of internet, you might want to speak out to your network administrator. Let him check the server to ascertain the root cause of the problem. If this indeed is the cause of the problem, the network administrator will re-assign an alternative IP address. 

Loss of Signal 

The wireless internet connectivity itself may often experience some downtime from time to time. When the signal transmission resumes, the previous IP address may often be rendered invalid. This is especially the case for those public or shared networks. 


To solve this particular problem, you may have to restart your device. This shall assign a fresh IP address automatically. If that does not happen, you will have to approach your network administrator to have him fix the problem. 

Network Time-out 


For the shared networks, each user may often be assigned a unique IP address and allowed to access the network for a limited and predefined duration of time. If this duration expires, the IP address that was assigned to that particular computer is rendered invalid, null and void. This again leads to the loss of signal. 


The solution to this problem is pretty simple. You just have to approach your network administrator to have the network duration renewed or extended. You may often be asked to hold on for some time until the other users also obtain the opportunity to use the network. 


Too Many Devices at a Time 


Most standard routers can only accommodate a given number of users at a time. Some can only accommodate 25 users. If there are too many devices connected on the same router at the same time, you may yet again experience some loss of signals. The IP address you were assigned may not be able to capture the signals. 


The solution to this problem is pretty simple. All you have to do is witch your device and hold on for the others to use the network. As soon as the network is decongested, you might want to try your luck a second time. 


Overloaded RAM 


Each computing device has a limited computing power. This is to mean that they can only handle a given amount of data, requests, and signals at a time. If you bombard them with too many signals, requests, and data at a time, their computing power might be overwhelmed. This might lead to among others, the loss of the IP configuration. 


This calls for moderate use on your part. You might also want to close unnecessary tabs, delete your history, and even restart the machine altogether. These initiatives will expedite the operations of the random access memory of the computing device. 


Software Expiry 


For a computing device to be able to execute its task, it relies on the various software. These are the operating system, the browser, and the supporting drivers. Some of these software components might usually have a predetermined lifespan. If they happen to expire, this might normally impact access to the internet in a negative direction. 


If you suspect this to be the case, it is probably time you renewed your subscriptions. You may contemplate downloading the latest updates of the said software. This should fix the issue and restore the speed and stability of access to the internet. 


Virus Infestation 


Lastly, the viruses2 might also affect the state of internet connectivity. This is because the viruses can impact the proper functioning of the IP address and connectivity as a whole. Some viruses might also impact the software which is used to facilitate access to the internet. 


With regards to this, you might want to scan your computing device for any viruses. While at it, you should also make an effort to obtain the latest antivirus software in the market. This is to combat those deadlier viruses which cannot be handled by the weaker antivirus software. This should rectify the problem. 


As you may well have noted, the causes and the counter-strategies above are not for the simple-minded. Indeed, you require a great deal of expertise and experience to be able to navigate them well. You can only do so if you obtain the relevant technical guidance well. 

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