Samsung Gear s2 Watch Bands Review

When the smartwatches were first introduced to the world not only was in mind-blowing to the whole world but also a very new experience as far as watches are concerned. This new technology keeps on getting much better in the recent years as it has been witnessed with the release of Samsung gear s2 watch bands, which is not only beautiful but one-piece of innovation that is a must-have for anyone who is into technology or not. Samsung has never disappointed as far as the best smartwatch for women is concerned and the Samsung Gear S2 has lived too it is billing not only because it fits right but has some of the most sophisticated cutting edge advanced technology. Samsung Gear S2 is considered the best smartwatch for texting as it has the capability to reply to text messages using your watch. You do not need to pull out your smartphone from your pants pockets and reply text messages, rather feel the convenience to read and reply SMS message using your smartwatch.

Samsung Gear S2 Features

1. Comfort

Apart from the fact that watches are meant to show you what time it is, the other main reason as to why it is a must-have is because it is fashionable and complements one very easily. This is why the appearance of the watch really matter and this is what has been factored very well in the Samsung gear s2 watch bands. This watch is not only attractive but also the very comfortable design of the watch to wear.

Samsung gear s2 watch bands are just the perfect round with a size of about .2 inches that is just perfect. The watch has an optional size that is able to fit on different sizes of wrist shapes and also sizes. The two designs that come with this watch is the sporty version and the classic version, with the latter having a ribbed watch face and a more traditional touch of the older watches. As for the Sport version, you will realize that there are various versions with an additional 3/4G connectivity as well.

2. Build

There is also a version that comes with stainless steel on the sporty watches which is not a bad element after all as it has a brushed metal finish that makes the whole watch look so much elegant on the wrist. The additional rubber finish on the sporty watch makes the whole watch feel like the apple sports watch. People compare Samsung Gear S2 smartwatches with Skagen Hybrid Smartwatches. You can read Skagen Hybrid Smartwatch Review if you want to compare them with the Samsung S2 smartwatch.

3. Simple Operation

Another great element of the Samsung Gear S2 watch bands is the button layout which is not only straightforward but also regarded as one of the best as far as all the smartwatches are concerned. This is because it has two navigations buttons that are situated on the right side of the watch with the bottom button working as the power button as well as the home button working the same way as the android phones. The button is very easy to press and find.

To spice up on the beautiful feature that the Samsung Gear S2 watch bands have is the heart rate monitor that is located at the bottom of the watch that makes the whole thing a masterpiece.

4. The Operating System (OS) of Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch

One of the greatest attributes of Samsung gadgets and nearly all its innovation is simplicity. This has been witnessed greatly in this watch. The watch is just a button away to getting to some of the applications that are available with the availability of the rotating bezel as well.

The whole OS of the watch operates on the Tizen Operating system which is one of the best innovations that is out there in recent times as it is also used in smart televisions.

5. Available in Multiple Colors

Samsung Gear s2 is available in different and attractive colors. Most of the people choose Samsung gear s2 rose gold and space grey. On top of that, there are a lot of options to personalize our watch while selecting dial colors, bands, and background stickers.

6. Fitness Band

The fact that most of the application in this watch has to be downloaded from that Samsung app stores, this watch main function can be the fitness tracking system. The watch has S Health which is one of the best features that is a capable tool to track your activity very well. The Samsung gear s2 watch bands can be used while riding, golfing and even running with a lot of physical activities and it is able to track each and every step count in an impressive manner.

What you will realize is that there is no fitness watch with the capability of tracking the exact count of the number of steps. And at the same time distance covered but the Samsung gear, S2 watch bands are pretty impressive. The watch has the capability of selecting the last user activity.

7. Hardware Specifications

Some of the notable features of this watch can be easy notices as it is not only gorgeous but also very trendy. The watch has a 1.2 inch and all-around 360-pixel super AMELOD screen that makes the watch stand out from the rest. Covered with a Gorilla glass 3 and as earlier mentioned it operates with Samsung Tizen OS.

Samsung gear s2 watch bands have a 1GHz dual-core Qualcomm and MSM 8 X 26 processors with internet storage of 4GB, 51MB of RAM and the capability of Wi-Fi connectivity of 802.11b/g/n. It also has Bluetooth 4.1 as well as the heart rate monitor, an accelerator and also a barometer.

8. Battery

When it comes to the battery life of this watch there is nothing that beats it. The 250mAh battery will look like a child’s play but one will be surprised as it has the capability of lasting up to 3 days when fully charged. When you compare to some of the smartwatches which barely last one day when fully operational.

9. Samsung Gear s2 is Waterproof

Samsung gear s2 is not merely water-resistant rather its fully waterproof. That means if your watch sinks in water for hours, that will not get damaged.


Samsung Gear S2 watch bands in terms of its beauty and cutting-edge technology are worth every of your penny. It is not only a decent watch to have but also one that will be able to work very well as a fitness band. And amazing battery life makes it really stand out from the rest.

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