5 Best Smart Watches for Women (2018)

The smart watches for women have grown from being the mere time and date indicators to playing multiple roles. They monitor your health and fitness, play music, connect to Wifi and smart phone, function like a cell phone, and perform many other advanced functions. They are built to resist the weather elements and last longer with sturdy construction and strong material. In this review, you can read the features of the best five such smart watches for women.  

1. LUCKMORE Bluetooth Smart Watch

  • Health and Fitness Watch: The LUCKMORE can monitor your sleep cycle through the nerve movement in your wrist. It gives the accurate statistical information about the deep sleep and the disturbed waking durations. The pedometer feature calculates the step count and evaluates the physical fitness during walking and jogging.

    You can track the calories burnt by your body during the workout and hectic activities. So, it is possible to monitor your health and fitness levels round the clock. The sedentary reminder is a great feature for evaluating the state and duration of physical inactiveness (sitting) between specific time intervals. Perhaps you can use this data to relate with the level of physical inactivity, weight gain, etc.
  • Smart Phone Connectivity: The LUCKMORE has a Bluetooth connection that is compatible to most of the latest technology smart phones. Real time internet connection enables mailing, social media activities, phone call, messaging, and the other compatible features.

    Hands-free conversation, voice recording, and active music channel tuning are some of the features you can avail through the watch by connecting it to the phone.
  • Design and Construction: The laminated stainless steel surface with the sturdy construction makes the LUCKMORE highly resistant to the impact of heat, humidity, water, and the weather elements. You can wear the watch in cold, rainy, and tropical conditions without the fear of damages and malfunctioning. The Anti-lost alarm warns when you forget or lose the watch and walk away to a specific distance from the watch. You can enable or disable this feature to avoid false alarms when you intentionally keep the watch on a table and move away.

    The LUCKMORE strap is made of the Nano-TPU85 which is soft on your wrist and flexible. It has high tensile strength and resistance to sweat, heat and humidity. Your wrist stays fee from irritants and allergens.
  • Power Management: The average working hours between two successive battery-charging has been extended in the LUCKMORE Bluetooth smart watch considerably to 48 hours. The lithium battery provides the power of 500mAH which is sufficient to handle all the smart watch activities listed above.


  • Pedometer and Sedentary reminders
  • Tested with android & IOS phones
  • Battery charge lasts for 48 hours
  • Multi language and time-zone support
  • Simple touch screen operation


  • No Wifi connection

2. COSVII Smart Watch

  • Health and Fitness Watch: One of the key features of the COSVII Smart Watch is its ability to monitor your heart rate round the clock. It shows you when the pulse rate goes up and down. So, it is possible to monitor your heart health and control your activities that put stress on it.

    The wrist bound sensor can measure the volume of sound sleep you enjoy during the night. The waking and sleeping hour monitoring tells you about the sleep cycle. You can take remedial actions if there are variations over an extended time.

    Workout and activity tracking becomes simple with pedometer for accurate calorie monitoring. It gives you accurate data on the volume of calories you burn in every physical activity. You can increase the intensity and duration of specific activity to increase the calorie burning or decrease it.

    Do you want to know how many miles you cover every day on your bike, walk and jog? Do you wish to monitor how long you sit and rest during the day? The COSVII Smart Watch has all the features built into it.
  • Smart Phone Connectivity: The COSVII Smart Watch can connect with almost all the latest and the Next-Gen smart phones working on android and IOS. What more, it can also connect to the phones working on OS-9.0 and advanced versions.

    The Bluetooth enabled internet connection lets you access the browser, mailer, social media apps, messaging, voice calls, weather conditions & forecasts, and all the related information.

    Multi language feature and multi time-zone features allow you to carry the watch to any location on the globe and set the display to your native language.

    Listen to the latest music playlists, connect to the smart phone camera, and connect to the cell phones in any corner of the world with the COSVII Smart Watch.
  • Design and Construction: The combination of zinc alloy and silicone for the COSVII Smart Watch construction makes it tough and resistant to harsh climatic conditions. It is highly waterproof and it can endure the impact of stress to a considerable extent. The slip and sweat resistant strap makes it easy for wearing with no allergic and irritation side effects.

    The display screen resolution of 128*96px with touch control screen and NRF51822-QFAC chipset architecture makes the COSVII Smart Watch ideal for the next-gen users.
  • Power Management: The advanced 110mA lithium battery takes only 60 minutes to charge and works for 5 full days with no downtime. On the stand-by mode the battery power can last for amazing 15 days.


  • Driven by NRF51822-QFAC chipset
  • IP68 level waterproof
  • 3-D-accelerated ROHMS


  • No Wifi connection

3. DOESIT U8 Bluetooth Smart Watch

  • Health and Fitness Watch: The DOESIT U8 Bluetooth Smart Watch has the multiple features of monitoring your sleep, workout, and the water level in your body. It tells you exactly how much of water you need to drink today. It can easily integrate with the health apps on your smart phones and measure the health and fitness levels round the clock.

    Wear the DOESIT U8 Bluetooth Smart Watch when you go out for walking, cycling and jogging. The pedometer tells you about calories you burn every time and the heart rate during every activity. It measures the duration of inactivity /resting per day. By connecting the DOESIT U8 to the smart phone app, you can get weekly statistical data on your physical workouts.

    The sleep monitor measures the actual hours of peaceful resting and the duration and frequency of the “wakeup” you experience during the night. So, you can find means for reducing the disturbance during the sleeping hours.
  • Smart Phone Connectivity: The DOESIT U8 can connect to the most advanced and legacy smart phones with the android and IOS smart phones via the Bluetooth connection. Hands free dial and speaking features with cell phones make it possible to connect with your friends from all over the globe. The USB cable connects to the smart phone and other compatible devices when the relevant app is installed on the recipient device.

    Connect to the internet, social media apps, and the music sites through the smart phone apps that link the two with each other. The audio speaker and the microphone provide crystal clear sound with no variation and disturbance factors.

    Messaging, chatting, call number display, history tracking and caller name display are some of the unique features of the DOESIT U8.
  • Design and Construction: The DOESIT U8 has a smart design with the clear display screen, touch options, and sleek structure. The rubber and plastic materials make the DOESIT U8 highly lightweight and flexible. The engineering grade plastic protects the watch from exterior climatic conditions. The soft strap keeps the wrist free from allergens and irritants. It is sweat and slip proof.
  • Power Management: The 230mAH battery takes 60 minutes for charging and lasts for 6 hours during music play. The phone usage time is for about 3 hours and the stand-by is stated to be 160 hours by the manufacturer.


  • Accurate health and fitness motoring
  • Water level tracking in the body


  • No waterproof feature
  • No Wifi
  • Battery backup is too short

4. Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch

  • Health and Fitness Watch: The classical appearance of the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch monitors your health and fitness during walking, jogging, workouts, and biking. It tracks heart rate accurately and warns you if there are any variations and abnormal levels (refer manual for settings and app connections).

    You can get the accurate information about how your physical activity is affecting the heart rate. You can make adjustments to your activity and workout levels and intensity in real time.
  • Smart Phone Connectivity: The Samsung Gear S3 Frontier can pair up with Wifi phone through its inbuilt Bluetooth. It is compatible with almost all the latest technology android 4.4 and advanced versions and IOS 5.0 and advanced versions.

    The best feature of the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier is its ability to connect with online credit card/ debit card payment reader in real time. The advanced sensor enables cash-less transactions with excellent security and performance parameters. When you pair it with the galaxy smart phone, it is possible to extend the number of online payments from the pre-set value of five. According to the manufacturers, the payment is possible without the phone and the online wallet. It is a great feature when you forget your phone or the wallet doesn’t work.

    The Samsung Gear S3 Frontier lets you make and receive phone calls through its excellent quality speaker and the microphone. There is no sign of disturbance or drop in voice level and quality during the hands free conversation. Inbuilt GPS scans the location and maps it to the app accurately.
  • Design and Construction: According to the OEM, the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier has passed the toughest of the military-grade performance testing. Practical experience also shows it to be highly resistant to the toughest of the climatic conditions and water. Testing in laboratory conditions have shown impact resistance for a drop from a height of almost five feet.

    The IP68 rating for water, heat, dust, and altitude condition resistance makes the watch highly suitable for mountaineering and related activities. The silicone band material is resistant to sweat, slip, and heat.

    Samsung has introduced the feature of customizable watch faces, changeable bands, and a sophisticated design.
  • Power Management: The Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch runs on a high performance battery for 3 days without the need to charge.


  • Military grade wrist watch for harsh climatic and altitude conditions
  • Integration with multiple payment card readers
  • Support for multipurpose smart phone apps


  • No significant cons

5. Ticwatch S Smartwatch-Knight

  • Health and Fitness Watch: The Ticwatch S Smartwatch-Knight goes many steps ahead with its heart rate monitoring, calorie tracking, stats reporting, and activity analysis apps. The biggest surprise is perhaps its fitness coaching app that lets you train on new activities you never knew before.

    The newest feature on the Ticwatch S Smartwatch-Knight is its ability to monitor your golfing sports with its advanced app interface. There are many other apps which connect you to the other sporting and fitness activities (refer manual).
  • Smart Phone Connectivity: The Ticwatch S Smartwatch-Knight connects to the latest android and IOS phones. Plus, it can interact with most of the apps on the phones like the ANDROIDWEAR-2.0. It can considerably enhance the internet connections.

    The other improvement on this watch is the link to Google Assistant. You can use your voice to get many of the tasks completed which are allowed by the app and the hardware features (refer manual).

    The watch can stimulate the smart phone to read and respond to calls and messages automatically. So, you don’t need to fear any missed calls and messages being unattended. It is a good feature for improving your interpersonal relations.
  • Design and Construction: The Ticwatch S Smartwatch-Knight has a trendy design for the next-gen users. It lets you change the watch face from the classical model to the most advanced model for the future generation.
  • Power Management: The Ticwatch S Smartwatch-Knight keeps system running for 3 days without recharging it’s batter.


  • Highly advanced fitness and sports monitoring and training
  • Connectivity to ANDROIDWEAR-2.0 and other latest apps


  • Construction is not very strong
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  1. Wow great comparison of smartwatches for women. Personally I believe that the watch which looks hi-teck visually is on my top priority instead of tech functionality. The built, aesthetic and functionality, all matters when you select a good smart watch.

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