How to Record Video with iPhone Like a Pro

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are Apple’s latest contributions to the smartphone world and joint successors to the iPhone 5S. On the surface, both new models are very similar in terms of specification yet they differ only in screen size and the addition of an optical image stabilization system in the larger Plus model. The latter comes with a 5.5-inch IPS screen and a 1080p full-HD resolution. The screen is also protected by what Apple calls “Ion-strengthened glass”.

Apple’s iOS 8 operating system is powered by the new A8 chipset which offers 25% more power than the A7 predecessor in the iPhone 5S. Hence it opens us to a qualitative and astonishingly innovative technological leap in terms of smartphone camera engineering. It is noteworthy however that just clicking on the record icon may not produce the best of high-quality images. In the new iPhone models, it takes a bit of knowing to make the best out of the videos we shoot with them. Here are some tools and tips on how to record amazing videos with your iPhone-like a pro:

Today built-in cameras with your smartphones not only allow you to produce stunning high quality video, these cameras also compete with best cameras for youtube channels. So you have brilliant video recording devices in your pockets all the time. Now it all depends on how you use these devices to produce professional quality videos.

Use Wide-Angle Lens for Great Landscape Captures


Landscape photography just wouldn’t be the same without wide-angle lenses. Superbly suited for the classic “near-far” style of composition, wide-angle lenses give you the ability to include generous amounts of the foreground, background, and sky simultaneously, creating videos with considerable depth and compositional power. While wide-angle lenses don’t work perfectly for all scenes and circumstances, going wide nonetheless greatly expands your creative options.

You should consider wide-angle lenses for effective near-far compositions because of perspective distortion they create. Which causes objects that are closer to the photographer to appear amplified in size compared to more distant objects. It gives extra emphasis to the foreground subject. The lens itself doesn’t cause perspective distortion—rather, it’s the way the lens is used. As the result camera’s position relative to objects in the scene makes them appear larger if close. It will  make smaller if farther away (this also makes the scene appear to “open up,” giving the appearance of extended perspective). Since wide-angle lenses are typically used closer to foreground objects than longer lenses, perspective distortion is very apparent, enhancing the appearance of depth in your videos.

Amplify and Focus Audio with Shotgun Microphone


The internal microphone found on every iPhone is great for phone calls and quick voice memos. Unfortunately, when recording a video, this mic is facing to the right or left of the frame, not at your subject (or you, for that matter). To amplify frustration, the quality is not great. It will leave you disappointed if you intend to do any serious filming with your phone. In making the best videos using your phone, the gun microphones are great for pinpointing the exact audio. It can record audio without the problem of audio interference from surrounding ambient noise. Connect its cord with an adapter into your iPhone’s headphone jack. The mic can be manually held using a boom pole. You can also attach it to a boom stand for the best of video shooting experiences.

Take Stabilized Video Shots on the Move with Steadicam


The iPhone Steadicam is a unique piece of mobile hardware attachment that leaves you with incredible video recording experience. As the name implies, Steadicam helps you to eradicate all those warped scenes generated from shaky hands holding the iPhone. It creates balance in your footage removing the unprofessional instability common to amateur video coverages.

Use a Tripod and Record Video Without a Jerk


No matter how steady your hands are, your iPhone is going to have to work pretty hard to stabilize a handheld shot. If you’re editing multiple takes, slight movements can be really distracting. So it’s definitely worth the extra effort to stabilize your shooting with a tripod. Tripod gives your shooting the necessary balance it requires. With its three-legged stand, It eliminates shaky footage and unwanted movement that can reduce the professionalism of your video.

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