What Should Be Done After Reassembling a Laptop

From to time, the laptops may inevitably drop on the floor and crumble in pieces. These could be due to accidents, oversights, or poor handling. Regardless of the root cause of the problem, you will inevitably need to re-assemble the laptop.

This requires a great deal of skill and expertise. The reason that underlies this is the fact that laptops are very sensitive. As such, great care has to be taken while undertaking this re-assembly. We are going to examine what you ought to do immediately after re-assembling the laptop but before installing the batteries or the AC wireless adapter.

What Should be Done After Reassembling a Laptop, But Before Installing the Battery or AC Adapter?

1. Re-examine the Problem

Start off by re-examining the problem 1. There must have been a portion of the laptop that was badly damaged and in need of an overhaul. At this stage, you have to confirm whether the initial problem has indeed been solved. If it was the keyboard that was misplaced, is it now in place? If a port was damaged, has it now been rectified?

This step is crucial is it is the one that shall determine whether the re-assembly indeed achieved its purpose or not. If you are not satisfied with the task at hand, you have to re-attempt the assembly a second time.

2. Shake the Laptop

After you have confirmed that the initial problem was solved, you now need to shake the laptop. Do so gently so as not to inflict any further damages on the constituent parts and components. The aim of the shaking is to see to it that all the components are intact.

Any loose items should be identified and handled effectively. This is also an important step as any loose parts may often sustain worse damages and deteriorations later. If you notice any shaking, go back to the assembly stage again and fix them.

3. Inspect Every Bit and Piece

It may not always be that every part of the laptop is in place even if you do not notice any looseness after shaking the laptop. This is why you have to individually confirm whether all the bits and pieces of the laptop are perfectly in place.

This step calls for a visual inspection and may often demand the use of a checklist. Some of the parts and components to look up to are the motherboard, ports, keyboard, and the battery slot. Look around your work area for any debris or clutter as well.

4. Test the Power Supply Unit

You now have to test the power supply unit. This is the component of the laptop that accepts the power input from the mains electricity socket. Be sure that the fuse and the other components are perfectly in place. The power supply unit is very sensitive in that it can cause shocks or fire outbreaks if carelessly handled.

This one may require the intervention of an expert electrician. This is because of any negligence while handling it may often attract dire repercussions. Generally speaking though, you will need a tester and a voltmeter to handle this particular procedure.

5. Blow the Laptop

After you have confirmed that the entire laptop is now ready and set, you have to blow it. This is to get rid of any dust that may have accumulated atop or within its rank and file. Use a dust blower to generate the stream of fast-moving air.

Direct this air into the laptop’s interior. Be sure to get rid of all the dust within the laptop. After that, proceed now to the keyboard area. Direct the air on the keyboard to rid the surface of all the dirt. Be sure to be left with only clean air that is devoid of any dirt.

6. Test the Power

Finish off by testing the power. Start by fixing the battery in place. Then switch on the power button. Try to execute a number of tasks on the laptop. These include typing, playing music, or even connecting the laptop to the Wi-Fi network. Observe how the laptop behaves.

It is necessary that you start off with the batteries as the quantity of power from the mains electricity is usually too high. It can easily cause shock or degenerate into a fire outbreak. You do not want any of these problems arising, do you?

PS: Even though it is not mandatory 2, you are strongly advised to make any alterations to your laptop at this stage. If there is a part of the laptop you wanted to change, this is the time to execute that particular change. If there is a part that is obsolete and may need some replacement, this again is the time to make such a replacement. This is because such opportunities are rare and should, therefore, be leveraged without fail.


Being a sensitive and potentially dangerous undertaking, the task of re-assembling a laptop is best delegated to a competent and certified technician. You should only attempt to do it if you are confident to be able to do a good job.

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