Pocket Juice Extreme 10000mah Review

When it’s time for an outdoor adventure, you require a portable charger that can be able to take care of all your elements and gears. You don’t want to have a power shortage in your devices on your outdoor outing. The pocket juice extreme line by Tzumi is power bank chargers that guarantee you reliable power anywhere you go, whether it is a business trip, camping vacation, or a commute. Also, the chargers offer protection from overheating, overcharging, and over-discharging. One of the best Pocket Juice Extreme line chargers is the Pocket juice extreme 10000mah. If you are looking for a charger with a small footprint but loads of power to boot, the Pocket Juice Extreme 10000mah should be in your wish list. Here is an exclusive look at Pocket Juice Extreme 10000mah review.

Review of Pocket Juice Extreme 10000mah Review Powerbank

With the technology advancement, all users of smartphones find themselves with the same battle; to come up with efficient charging, that is relatively cheap and less of an eyesore. You should not worry anymore as Pocket Juice Extreme 10000mah is a phone charging an external battery that acts like a regular phone charger. It has been manufactured with the use of compact portable charging technology that gives you the freedom of charging your devices, including smartphones, cameras, digital readers, music players, tablets, and any other USB charging cable.

Pocket Juice Extreme 10000mah by Tzumi manufacturers has been proven to provide you with practical, convenient, and time-saving charging options. Its waterproof, dust-tight silicone design and high durability make it the best choice for your outdoor power needs. You can easily you’re your devices for days and only need to recharge it with the Micro-USB charging cable it comes with when you require more juice.

Specifications Details

  • Material; Lithium polymer battery, ABS plastic
  • Color; black
  • Dimension; 4.3 inches by 1.2 inches by 2.5 inches
  • USB cable; two 3.3” micro USB cable
  • Weight: 8.4 ounces
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Salient Features of Pocket Juice Extreme 10000mah


When it’s out of the package box, you cannot prevent the surprise of how incredibly small this footprint is. Pocket Juice Extreme 10000mah is only 4.3 inches by 1.2 inches by 2.5 inches and weighs less than nine ounces packing a powerful charge in the super-compact package. You can quickly put the power bank in your pocket, and you won’t even feel it. The LED lights at the top are indicators for the charge level. At the connectivity, the front is a single Micro-USB slot and two high-speed USB slot.


The average Pocket Juice Extreme 10000mah efficiency is approximately 70%. For users with an iPhone or low-end Android device, this is a three to four hours full charge, which is perfect. However, for QC3 compatible devices that are powered by 3,000mAh battery, this power core can only give about two full charges, which is not that bad as these phones keep the charge for an extended period.

High Power in a Small Package

Pocket Juice Extreme 10000mah power bank charger provides up to six full charges for your electronic devices. It also has dual high-speed USB ports and a 3.4 Amp maximum output that does the charging at a considerable high speed. A Mini-USB cable recharges the power bank when in need of power.

Universal Compatibility

Think of any devices that are chargeable via a USB cable. Pocket Juice Extreme 10000mah is compatible with all devices, including Samsung, Apple, tablets, Android phones, and more. More so, the dual high-speed USB ports make it possible for you to charge up to two devices at the same time.

LED Flashlight Indicators

Pocket Juice Extreme 10000mah is the perfect source of power when going out to the beach, camping, or anywhere you might need electronic devices. The handy LED battery monitors help you to check the charger’s battery level by pressing the power button once. Holding the power button gives out a super bright white LED light that you might need in case of darkness.

Durable, Thick Shell

Durability is well catered for in the Pocket Juice Extreme 10000mah. The power bank delivers reliable and rapid power in a durable, slim, dust-tight, and waterproof package that is not affected by any of these environmental elements. It provides the energy in a shock-proof and wiry shock-proof silicone shell.

Pricing and Warranty Information

Already want a feel of Pocket Juice Extreme 10000mah services? You can buy this power bank charger from various shopping websites such as Amazon, where the payment process will be straightforward together will perfect shipping services. Just visit any shopping website, and you will probably find Pocket Juice Extreme 10000mah at an affordable price. This charger comes with a one-year limited manufacturer warranty.

Money-Back Guarantee

Pocket Juice Extreme 10000mah has clear indications on the money-back guarantee if it does not appeal to you. In most of the shopping websites, your money returnable within 45 days. However, you can be sure that the product will ultimately deliver more than your expectations. The product is ready for shipping after one to three days and may qualify for free shipping if you spend more than a hundred US dollars.

Tzumi Promise on Pocket Juice Extreme 10000mah

Pocket Juice Extreme 10000mah is a line of mobile charger hat comes pre-charged and offer you additional time on your devices. Available at various websites, the product reviews vary from positive to negative. However, in most of the customer reviews from people who have already purchased and used it, the charger has received lots of positive reviews. Customers are delighted that it is compatible with most of the devices and the fact that it can charge a fully depleted device.

Pocket juice extreme 10000mah has been praised for its ability to charge devices in a significantly short period. Though some users have reported incidents of shutting off of devices while being charged, the cases seem to be very few. In overall, this high-end model from Tzumi appears to be a worthy choice in the filed of power bank chargers and relatively affordable as well.

Customer Reviews

Tzumi brand is fully committed to providing you will the best consumer electronics and are convinced Pocket Juice Extreme 10000mah will make you happy and serve you right. Purchase the charger today and light up your outdoor adventures. In the case of unsatisfaction with the product, you should contact them for assistance, and you can be sure they will make it right.

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Pros & Cons



To Wind Up

Pocket juice extreme 10000mah is an excellent accessory on outdoor outings and the go from hiking trail to the office commute. This rugged and durable power bank will provide you with power even in the harshest incidents. With intelligent overheating and overcharging, Pocket Juice Extreme 10000mah will offer more than the value of your cash. It is perfectly designed to power your gear safely, reliably, and quickly through the longest days. Never be without power by getting yourself a Pocket Juice Extreme 10000mah.

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