Epson Ecotank Review: Find the Best Epson Ecotank Printer

Epson is a computer gadget making company that has been in the market for quite some time now. Their Most prominent and renowned feature would be their excellence in making printers.

Ecotank, on the other hand, is a line of new generation kind of printer produced by this business mogul. The Ecotank makes use of new ink usage and storage technology. Even though Epson EcoTank printers perform well for photo printing, however, You may want to know about the best photo printers in 2019.

Quite a deviation from the past traditional printers that make use of smaller frequently replaceable ink cartridges. The Ecotank makes use of bigger more permanent ink cartridges.

Why Epson Ecotank Printers?

Epson Ecotank is an economic printer in the market. The trick with the Ecotank is that once the ink runs out you pour new ink into the system. Thus making the new printer less expensive to maintain and thus much more eco-friendly.

To further ease your workload, the printer comes in with a translucent partition in between for which the user can see the ink once it runs out.

The Ecotank printer line boasts of three major market printer categories which include;

  • The consumer level category-For which we have the likes of Epson Ecotank expression ET-2500 and the Epson Ecotank expression ET-2550
  • The next category would be the business level boasting of the Epson Ecotank workforce ET-4440 and 4500
  • The lager category would be the workforce pro WF-R4640

However, one distinguishing feature that a user should know is that the Epson Ecotank printer is much more expensive to purchase compared to its peers in the market but this, in turn, is compensated by the low maintenance cost of the printer.

Epson Ecotank Printer Reviews

Below is a detailed review of the best and most trending of the Epson Ecotank variety currently:

1. Epson Expression Premium Et-7750 Review

One of the modern variety of the Ecotank variety the ET-7750.Which boast of a five-color refillable ink cartridge system. Other than that the printer is capable of reproducing the best image quality possible.

Further, the ecotank-ET-7750 is capable of handling an A3 printing paper, coupled with high-resolution photo printing capability. Other than that the bundled up ink bottles can print 3600A3 papers which is way much more compared to any other printer in the same category.

Epson Expression Premium Et-7750 Features

The Outlook

Talking about the outlook of this machine one could note that it’s a little much bigger than its peers. Further compared to its ancestral predecessors the printer has the ink cartridges placed at its front rather than at its back thus being an added plus on the convenience presented by this machine.

The In-look

While looking at the cartridges might be a little straining for some. Thus the machine comes with an inbuilt refilling system that eases the workload for the user. The system corresponds and locates each color bottle conveniently. Further, this particular design of Ecotank has an automatic inbuilt valve shut down the system that closes up once the ink is filled to the brim

The Epson comes with typical extending plastic trays to hold printing paper that looks and even feel somewhat feeble. The Epson Ecotank ET-7750 comes with a non-touchscreen display that allows for easy monitoring

Specific feature to look out for;

  • The Epson Ecotank comes with 10-ink bottles that one can reckon could last the user up to 3 years of working experience or a more practical 3400 photos.
  • Also keen to note about the printer would be that the ET-7750 comes with a USB slot but not a USB cable
  • The printer is a three in one purpose machine that boasts of having the capability of printing, scanning and photocopying all at the very same time.
  • Can print up to A3 paper sizes with a holding tray capacity of up to a hundred sheets of paper on its major tray.
  • Keen to note would be that the printer can also scan up to an A4 size paper but never print on glossy A3 papers
  • The printer is able to work and locate a Wifi network but not a mobile connection.
  • In order to work with the printer or rather learn how to work with the printer, you could get the necessary set up procedure from the user manual/guide. Further, you could source necessary information from a come along mobile app. Also keen to note is that the Epson Ecotank ET-7750 comes within an Epson windows software that helps with the printer’s general connectivity.

Winning features of the Ecotank ET-7750

  • The printer has enough ink to last the user up to three years or 3400 photos equivalent.
  • Although its initial purchase cost is pricy the maintenance cost is less much so thus cost effective
  • 10 bottled –five ink tank category that makes for convenience and general suitability of purpose
  • The printer is able to handle an A3 size paper


  • Lacks for a USB cable connectivity plus a general mobile network connectivity system.
  • Has the non-touchscreen feature that makes it a little bit difficult to work with the printer
  • Comes with flimsy limited holding paper tray.
  • It is non-fax eligible.


The Epson Ecotank ET-7750 is able of working with the finest of details which include;

  • Printing very legible work even with the smallest of letters.
  • Big letters are concise and defined
  • Good looking quality image photographs
  • Has 4-dyes that is applied evenly on colored documents



This kind of printer is equally suitable for its task in case one does a lot of printing. The initial outlay cost is quite hefty but this is easily compensated by its low maintenance cost.

The photo resolution printing is okay but can easily be outdone by other printers in the market. However,given its initial outlay cost, it should at least come with better connectivity networks or better yet a USB cable.

2. Epson Ecotank 4750 Review

The Epson Ecotank comes under the more pronounced workforce category which has been in production for some time now. The previous versions of the same didn’t resonate quite well with its customers and now the company has churned out this new printer

Outlook and design. The printer is a normal look-alike office printer but what makes it unique would be its mounted permanent ink cartridge tank. The printer also comes with a typical working tray to hold sheets of paper. Plus, a touchscreen working display which is quite an improvement. The printer also shows some running color stripes on its bottom left corner which makes it easy for the user to figure out the ink usage of the consumer.

Epson Workforce ET-4750 Features

  • Refillable easy to work with super-sized tanks that include up to two years of workability or an equivalent 1400 printed black and white pages
  • The printer serves the function of being not only a printer but a scanner copier, Ethernet and faxing machine
  • The working tray is able to accommodate up to 250 sheets of paper at a time thus convenient
  • The printer also comes with a 2.4” inch touchscreen display that integrates into a 2003 windows server system
  • The workforce ET-4750 also comes with a 30 sheet auto document feeder
  • A further automatic stop ink bottle feature.
  • The printer comes with a working network and wireless connectivity system.


  • Compared to its predecessors the Epson Ecotank workforce ET-4750 boast of major improvement its simple screen touch function. It has a color screen that is generally simple, convenient and easy to work with
  • Further, the inkwells are well placed on the front of the printer compared to its previous version by which the inkwell was usually listed at the back thus easier ink drainage into the system
  • The Ecotank 4750 comes with a 300 sheet paper tray that allows for more convenience to the user
  • A top 30 sheet document feeder at the top is used for photocopying and faxing
  • The printer is very fast – printing at a rate of about 15 pages per minute
  • The printer boasts of 4800*1200 dpi printing image quality which translates to high-resolution sharp images
  • Typical to many common Ecotank its maintenance cost is relatively lower than other printer brands in the market.
  • The scanning bed produces fantastic images of up to9600dpi.
  • The phone connectivity and wireless networks capability is also another winning feature of this gadget.

Dark side.

  • There is always the eventuality of some amount of ink spillage during replenishing of the ink tanks
  • It comes with a smaller more traditional print head which is more susceptible to a breakdown which is not covered by warranty.
  • For a person working on the larger scale of things filling up a 300-page paper, tray becomes a cumbersome affair
  • The screen also seems to be a bit smaller for which improvement would be a welcomed affair.



Compared to its predecessors in the market, the Epson Ecotank workforce 4750 is a welcomed improvement to the industry. Given its mainly intended for use in a small office or small-scale use at home then it’s a game changer. Given the high initial purchase cost, this is easily outdone by its 300 pages a month printing figure that translates to about 2 years of continued service. However, the clogging and breakdown of the traditional print head coupled with oftentimes ink spillage during ink refilling would be a small price to pay in owning the device.

3. Epson Workforce Pro WF-4640 Review

Although this version of the Ecotank Is one of the older variants it is more of the biggest and most useful all-in-one purpose printers you can find in the market.

The printer comes at a price tag of a whopping 1200 dollars but this fee also caters for the ink that that comes with the device thus translating to low maintenance /running costs. Good business investment to a person running the scale of the printer of operation.

Epson Workforce Pro WF-4640 Features

  • It is a do all type of printer whose range of function include printing, faxing and scanning.
  • The printer also features a 580 sheet paper capacity split into two with the lower deck holding about 250 sheets on the tray and the upper deck holding 80 sheets for the feeder
  • Typical to Ecotank it comes with refillable ink tanks or bags rather which are permanently fused to the system
  • In terms of connectivity, this gigantic printer can connect to a computer via a USB cable network, Ethernet, local area network/Wi-Fi or a local peer to peer computer network
  • The printer also supports printing from the synonymous Epson iPrint app or Epson email/remote print
  • The Ecotank work-force pro prints at a rate of 10 pages per minute much faster than most printers in its category and takes about40 seconds to print out standard pictures.
  • The Ecotank workforce pro comes with refillable ink tanks.


  • The machine comes with ink worth 20,000 pages print worth of ink
  • After the initial purchase cost the maintenance cost of the machine is pretty low.
  • Can hold up to 580 pages of paper sheet per run.
  • The printer is able to produce good text quality
  • The Ecotank workforce pro can be connected in a variety of means ranging from mobile networks to phone apps and USB/Ethernet cable,
  • Its an all in one purpose printer capable of printing, scanning, photocopying and scanning all at the same time

Dark side.

  • Below par image production
  • The high initial purchase cost of the machine.



In conclusion, although the initial outlay cost for the printer is huge the number of benefits that accrue the user upon purchase of this piece of equipment outdoes this disadvantage.

The Ecotank pro 4640 is a world-class machine that has super-fast printing speeds, two years’ worth of warranty and another 2 years of 20,000 pages worth of printer ink. This total contributes to the low overhead cost of running and maintaining the machine.

Our verdict is that the Ecotank workforce pro is one asset you should consider adding to your business portfolio.

4. Epson Workforce Pro ET-8700 Review

This printer retails for just below the 1000 dollar mark. The workforce pro 8700 is especially suited for between large scale and mid-sized organization. Although a newer version of the predecessor workforce R4640 the Ecotank 8700 is much smaller in size and churns out even more printed pages per minute than its predecessor. However, it borrows some of its features from its original model and this includes the synonymous feature of the ink bag technology rather than refillable ink bottles common to other Ecotank models. However keen to note is that the 4640 hold much more ink than the 8700 but the 8700 has a tidier look of the ink bag assembled at its front rather than to the sides.

Epson Workforce Pro ET-8700 Features

  • The ET-8700 has leaner and tidier ink bags assembled at the front of the printer thus better looking
  • The Ecotank workforce ET-8700 prints at a rate of 24 pages per minute
  • The workforce ET-8700 makes use of precision core print chips to form better quality looking images
  • The machine is able to produce tight legible well-crafted characters during printing
  • Its laser technology is able to produce precise sharp looking graphics
  • The Ecotank workforce ET-8700 is able to produce detailed and well-colored photo outputs.
  • The ET-8700 comes with 2 years’ worth of ink or 16000 black and white pages or an equivalent 11000 colored pages
  • The printer is an all in one printer that is able to print scan and photocopy simultaneously
  • In terms of connectivity, the printer is as modern as they come, featuring; near-field communication, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and USB connectivity just to name but a few.
  • You also get additional features with this device such as Android iprint, Epson Connect, and Epson remote/email print feature just to name but a few.

Winning features;

  • It is less bulky and more functional than its original predecessors
  • The workforce ET-8700 feature a smart screen that eases for better functioning.
  • The Ecotank 8700 has lots of wireless connectivity methods that serves for its convenience
  • The printer has a lot of mobile integrated feature and apps fused into it to allow for printing at the touch of a button on a mobile phone or table
  • The printer is a little less cheap than its original predecessor the R4640
  • Produces sharp quality graphics and photos.
  • The maintenance cost of the machine is pretty cheap.


  • The initial outlay cost of purchasing the machine is humongous.
  • Prints at a relatively slower rate than other printers in its category



To wrap up, one would say that the Epson Ecotank workforce ET-8700 hundred is a machine worth having and holding on to especially considering its low maintenance cost.

Although it differs a bit in terms of workmanship to its predecessor the R4640 both function in their own unique diverse ways to accommodate the owner. The super-tank 8700 is purely made to have the convenience of speed and benefit that comes with the digitization of the printer.


Q: What file format should I Use when submitting my document for printing?

The most common and suitable format to use while submitting your work for printing would be the PDF format which is readily available on your computer drivers

Q: What is camera ready?

This generally means that the picture is ready for printing without any further alterations.

Q: Is white considered a printing color?

No white is not a printing color as it is generally the color of the paper itself.

Q: When is it most convenient to use an inkjet machine?

An inkjet printer is most convenient in situations where multicolor printing of pads or screens is required.

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