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The evaluation of the Best Budget Gaming Mouse depends on the frequency, intensity, complexity, and the sophistication levels of the games you wish to play. The basic characteristics of the mouse on which you grade it, should include sensitivity (DPI), grip, LOD, polling rate, function buttons (customization), ergonomics, accuracy, shape, weight tuning, and acceleration. Of course, you could also include the other parameters that may sound relevant to you. In this review article, you can read about the top 3 mice that I have found to be recommendable. You could evaluate them by their level of friendliness and functional superiority.

Logitech G300S – Great Programmable Features

DPI: The wired Logitech G300S has an optical sensor with 2,500 DPI which is a good pointer speed for the gaming mouse. The importance of DPI is directly proportional to the screen resolution of your computer monitor. It helps in pointing to objects (especially the fast moving objects) with precision. For example, playing the flight shooting games could enhance the tracking and pointing of fast moving objects. But of course, it is not the only criterion for deciding on the overall efficiency of the gaming mouse. The argument that DPI has no effect on the gaming experience may come from players who are in the professional levels. However, you can certainly experience the benefits while you are a beginner. There are several games at this level.

Grip: The Logitech G300S has a dimension of 4.45″ x 2.83″ x 1.57″. It gives you good fingertip and palm grip. You can move quickly and precisely while playing action packed games. You can get better control over the clicking speed and accuracy. The palm grip feature makes it possible for you to rotate and pivot your wrist at a faster pace. You can find this feature helpful while playing the car games. If you have a big hand, you may opt for the fingertip grip; otherwise you may wish to go for the traditional palm grip.

Lift-Off-Distance: The lift off distance of the mouse is optimum and you have the least possibility of the cursor getting lost, when you accidentally lift the mouse from the pad. But sometimes you may experience slight movement of the cursor off the track, when the lift is less than a few millimeters.

Polling Rate: The Logitech G300S has a polling rate of 1000HZ which makes it highly accurate for positioning the cursor at precise positions. It also decreases the average latency of the mouse and enhances its responsive time.

Function Buttons: The Logitech G300S has 9 buttons which are ready for programming. You can reach all of them using a simple grip. They are also very comfortable to use. You can configure the mouse using the onboard options instead of having to take the log path of software specific configuration. The onboard-memory of this gaming mouse is optimum for most of your gaming requirements. The accuracy of the programming features helps you to define custom macros for every game, which work independent of each other. For this, you can easily utilize the combinational onboard and control panel settings effectively.

Ergonomics Factor: The Logitech G300S has an optimum ergonomic design that reduces the stress volume on your palm and fingers while playing high intensity games. You can change the settings to left and right hand users easily, using the control panel. The shape of the ambidextrous design and shape of the mouse gives you complete comfort, regardless of the hand you use for playing the games.

Accuracy: The accuracy of the Logitech G300S increases due to its low friction bottom surface. Coupled with the good palm grip, you can move the mouse smoothly over the pad, while ensuring accuracy of pointing, rotating and flipping, position shifting, shooting and other gaming options.

Mouse Shape: The Logitech G300S is perfectly symmetric in shape and ambidextrous. The positions for the thumb and the little finger have curvature t give you better hold for the fingertip grip and the palm grip.  

Acceleration: The acceleration feature of the Logitech D300S can be turned off /on with the settings. By switching the modes, you can reduce the jerky mouse movements. When you play in competitive games, you can turn on the option for playing the FPS games at a mind boggling speed.


I would be happy to recommend the Logitech G300S for beginner level gamers and trainees. The number of programmer functional buttons allows you to have more macros and shortcuts during your game. You can enhance your game playing speed and focus on the accuracy.


  • Highly customizable functional buttons
  • Onboard memory profile
  • 9 programmable functional buttons


  • Fixed Polling rate

Razor DeathAdder Elite – Sensible Sensor Features

DPI: The wired optical mouse, Razor DeathAdder Elite has a DPI of 16,000. The precision value of aiming and shooting increases considerably when the mouse sensitivity reduces correspondingly. Coupled with the 5G sensor, 450IPS tracking, the mouse is also useful for increasing the speed of your gaming to great extent. The Razor DeathAdder Elite is highly suitable for playing shooting games to perfection. The sensor recognizes the slightest movements of your mouse through its image array, DSP, oscillator and the LED. The connectivity between the speed, accuracy, navigation ease, click recognition, button usage and the mouse movement direction is the key to the Elite’s success among the gaming communities. The additional feature of the sensor is its ability to vary the intense, depending on the nature of the game you play and the onscreen playing conditions. Some of the high speed games require higher level of sensing, while the others need low to moderate levels. The onboard sensor can vary its sensitivity perfectly to give you the best gaming experience.

Grip: The Razor DeathAdder Elite has a dimension of 5” X 1.7” X 2.7” offers good claw and palm grips. The low profile design of the mouse, with matte finished surface makes it ideal for palm grip, while the finger grooves make it good for claw grip. The movement of the mouse on the pad becomes more precise, while the clicking accuracy increases with the claw grip. You can get easy access to the onboard functional buttons.

Lift-Off-Distance: The Lift-Off-Distance of the Elite is the lowest among the three main models from the brand. According to the players’ experience whom I have interviewed so far, it is stated to be less than 1.5mm, which makes it ideal for 360-degree rotation of the mouse direction movement without having to change the cursor position from the existing location.

Polling Rate: The polling rate of the Elite is 100HZ. This is similar to the Logitech G300S, which is ideal for enhanced accuracy for positioning the cursor at exact spots. You can experience the effects when while you are experiencing higher lag time while playing games.

Function Buttons: The Elite has 7 programmable functional buttons. This feature is relatively lower compared to the Logitech G300S. The speed and accuracy with which you can assign the macros is reasonably good. The maximum allowed macro length is 8 characters. Besides using them for shortcuts within the game, you can also sue them to control the media according to your custom requirements. This feature is relatively beneficial when you make the customized settings for the 3-D and high definition games. The other key feature of the Elite is its programming capacity to connect the DPI. By just clicking the buttons you can switch between multiple DPI settings, without having to open up the menu.

Ergonomics Factor: Popularly known as the right-handed-weapon the Elite use the smooth ergonomic features to allow you high end games with precision and speed. It is due to the soft contours which offer near zero resistance to your palm and finger movement. The other advantages for the elite users its perfect curve from the scroll-wheel to the bottom of your palm and the slip free grip you get.

Accuracy: The 3.X optical sensor not only offers high value of DPI and 450IPS, it also increases the resolution to 99.4% accuracy levels. This feature is highly helpful while playing the 3-D games that require precision pointing, shooting, and other high end features. These features are similar to those offered by the hi-fi professional gaming mice for advanced gaming. So, you can easily train in specializing on the professional gaming techniques using the Elite. The precision mode of the mouse can be set to various levels, based on the screen resolution, target size, and the speed of the target movement. Some of the online games have the highest target moving speeds. They require you to move your cursor at speeds greater than their average moving speed. Failing to do so could hurt your point scoring patterns and push you out of the game. This feature can be prominently observed in the professional gaming levels. Hence, you need a budget gaming mouse which can offer the highest levels of accuracy during your practice sessions. The Elite is one of the best rated mice to offer you these features.

Mouse Shape: The mouse shape is no different from the generic ones you use for office applications. So, you don’t find any difficulties while working with it. Also, it avoids all types of stress factors on your fingers and palm while playing high intensity games.

Acceleration: The Elite offers a maximum acceleration value of 50G. You can experience the speed and thrilling effects of tracking and shooting the high speed objects. You can adjust the values by changing the settings according to your specific requirements. Most of the professional gamers prefer low acceleration for increased speed and accuracy. On the other hand you can find many basic and intermediate level games which need moderate levels of acceleration. By customizing the settings, the Elite offers you options to play both levels of games with precision and speed.


I would be glad to recommend the Razor DeathAdder Elite if you wish to play advanced level games in the FPS and MOBA games on your PC. You could also use the mouse to get fats training to move onto the professional levels.


  • Sold Construction
  • 4% accuracy
  • Lowest lift-off distance


  • Onboard memory absent
  • Few options for left hander gamers

SteelSeries Rival 700 – Zero Recoil Mouse

DPI: The SteelSeries Rival 700 has 16,000 Dpi, which is similar to the Razor DeathAdder Elite. The PMW-3360 sensor used in the mouse has high sensitivity for the slightest movements made by mouse on the pad.                 It can detect the micro meter movements and convert them into sensible actions on screen.

]Grip: The SteelSeries Rival 700 has a dimension of 2.7″ x 4.92″ x 1.65″. The overall design of the mouse makes it possible to have an easier claw and palm grip. The design may not be suitable for fingertip grip, unless your hand size is relatively larger. You can also use the Rival 700 for the best fingertip grips while playing fast moving games. Make sure you have a good rubber pad which is free from rough edges and surfaces. The gripping features of the mouse make it possible to play the game by rapidly switching between the three modes.

Lift-Off Distance: The Rival 700 has a low lift-off distance, which allows you to make faster movements and rotations of the mouse without having to shift the current cursor position.

Polling Rate: The polling rate of the mouse varies between 125HZ and 1000HZ. You can increase the accuracy to the level required by each gaming platform. The best way to do is by assigning the specific functional key to increase and decrease the value. By decreasing accuracy, you may make the mouse relatively faster and vice versa. The mid range of polling rate can perfectly balance the twin factors to perfection.

Function Buttons: The Rival 700 has 7 programmable function buttons. The button mapping feature allows you to personalize the settings according to every game you play. It allows you long macro mapping for light setting, OLED display, software customization, and for generating alerts while playing the game.

Ergonomics Factor: The curvature and the contours are more predominant on the right hand side of the mouse. On the left it is relatively straight except for a bulge behind the thumb resting position. The programming functional buttons on the left are easy to reach with this kind of grip. The ergonomic design makes it possible to possible to have smoother mouse movements and faster access to the functional buttons. The mouse seems to be designed with the predominant features for the right handed gamers. However, the left handed gamers will also find the Rival 700 to be highly useful for the combat games, by customizing a few settings in the control panel and the programmable function buttons.

Accuracy: The Rival 700 has one of the best accuracy levels with its optical sensor and the DPI values. It offers you plenty of gaming techniques and training options to improve your accuracy levels. It offers FPS mouse training features for increasing the reflex actions of your fingers. You can aim and shoot much better with the twitch target practicing. The target size may vary with the nature of game. The other variable factors are the duration and the grid size on the screen. Some of the online and Xbox games also have the span time which is presented in a randomized manner. The accuracy of the mouse allows you to razor-sharpen your focus and enhance your playing ability.

Acceleration: The SteelSeries Rival 700 has a maximum acceleration factor of 50G, which is similar to the Razor DeathAdder Elite. However, the hardware acceleration is stated to be zero by the manufacturers. That means you can set the acceleration settings to zero in the control panel and start using the mouse to play your games at top speed. At the same time, you can also enhance the acceleration features for those games which require them. This sort of customizable feature makes the Rival 700 ideal for game trainers for professional levels. 


I would gladly recommend the SteelSeries Rival 700, if you are a right hander gamer, wishing to go for the professional level gaming. Since the polling rate is variable between low and high ranges, you can use it for adjusting it according to your needs.



  • OLED screen
  • Tactile alerts
  • Zero hardware acceleration


  • If you happen to be a left hander gamer, you will find it difficult to use the mouse.


As I have expressed in the recommendation, the Logitech scores best when it comes to the bare beginners. The main feature you will find in this mouse is the ergonomic design for left and right hander gamers. However, if you wish to go into the professional levels, the SteelSeries Rival 700 is the one I would suggest. The Razor DeathAdder Elite comes in handy, when you wish to play high end games at the beginner levels.

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