5 Incredible Uses of Bluetooth Audio Receiver

What is Bluetooth Audio Receiver?

After the new millennium, there is a great revolution in technology and especially electronic technology. Bluetooth is one of the technologies, which got popular at the start of this decade. Now several electronic gadgets use this technology to connect with other gadgets. Bluetooth audio receiver is one of those awesome inventions, which allow us to connect our audio devices to other audio gadgets and stream music.

We can now leverage the power of BlueTooth and create lavalier microphones. These types of microphones allow us to operate them wirelessly, using BlueTooth technology.

For example, if you want to use a wireless microphone with your iPhone or Android phone. This is possible using some of the Bluetooth microphones available in the market.

Recommended Best Bluetooth Audio Accessories

Before you buy and try any Bluetooth audio device at home, let me show you the best available audio gadgets in the market which can help you stream music or wirelessly connect. Here are few Bluetooth audio transmitters or receiver gadgets to let you start from.

1. Blackweb Bluetooth Audio Receiver Set

Blackweb Bluetooth audio receiver is the most famous Bluetooth device which you can use to stream music to. Whether you want to enable Bluetooth audio streaming to your old non-Bluetooth speakers or you want to stream music to your non-Bluetooth TV, Blackweb Bluetooth audio receiver is your friend. 

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Creative Uses of Bluetooth Audio Receiver

In the audio industry, there are a lot of possibilities or uses of Bluetooth audio receiver or transmitters. Some of the devices available in the market are two-way. This means you can use them either as transmitters or receivers. Here are some creative uses of Bluetooth devices to let you know, how much uses of these devices are possible. Remember, this list is not limited and if you have some unique idea in your mind, you can surely contribute through the comments section at the end of this post.

 1) Convert Wired Speakers to Wireless and Broadcast Music Wirelessly

There are some moments when you might have thought that streaming audio wirelessly is better than using cables. If you have old speakers with an audio amplifier, that old audio system uses a cable to connect to other devices. Suppose, you want to listen to music from your iPhone to the old and large speakers available at your home. You may connect an audio cable to your iPhone and audio amplifier. What if you stream music from your iPhone to your old speakers wirelessly?

Yes, this is possible nowadays. You can turn your old audio speakers in Bluetooth enabled speakers. You can use Bluetooth on your phone to connect to some sort of Bluetooth adapter and start streaming music wirelessly.

Steps Needed to Stream Music Wirelessly over Bluetooth

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  1. Buy a Bluetooth audio receiver from Amazon or where ever you like from. You can find some links to Bluetooth products under this list.
  2. Buy a 3.5mm audio connector cable, if you do not have yet.
  3. Plug-in 3.5mm audio connector to your Bluetooth audio receiver and the second end to the AUX-in your audio amplifier.
  4. Turn on Bluetooth audio receiver device and connect it to your iPhone using built-in Bluetooth.
  5. Once the device is connected, You can start playing music on your iPhone and listen using your large speakers.

2) Use as Lavalier Wireless Microphone for Your DSLR Camera

When you shoot movies with a DSLR or iPhone camera from a distance of a dozen feet, There may be some problem with the audio recording. This is due to the distance of the object from the camera. Professional videographers use separate devices to record audio and video. Later they sync the audio with video using computer software.

The professional videos include superior audio with less background noise. This is made possible when the microphone is placed nearly the object even the camera is a certain distance. Conventionally this is made possible using wired external microphones.

But you can surely leverage the power of Bluetooth audio devices again and record your audio wirelessly. Some Bluetooth audio receivers are available in the market, which has a built-in microphone as well. Or some Bluetooth audio devices are available, which allow you to connect a microphone to a device and receive the signals of another device connected to your DSLR camera. In either case, here is the solution for you.

For DSLR Camera

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  1. Buy a Bluetooth audio receiver from your favorite online store (I love buying from Amazon).
  2. Plugin the 3.5mm cable into the microphone jack of DSLR and other ends to the Bluetooth audio receiver.
  3. Now your DSLR camera can receive audio from Bluetooth enabled microphone.

Turn Any Microphone into Bluetooth Microphone

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If you want to convert a wired microphone into Bluetooth enabled microphone and want to use it with other Bluetooth enabled camera devices. Then follow the steps given below.

  1. Buy a Bluetooth audio transmitter from amazon.com
  2. Connect your microphone to that 3.5mm audio input. (You may need to convert the large connector of the microphone into a 3.5mm connector. Converters are also available on amazon.com)
  3. Turn on the Bluetooth device and connect to your camera or iPhone. That’s it.

3) Connect Old Audio Gadgets Two Way with Bluetooth Audio

There are several possible uses of these Bluetooth audio receivers/transmitters. You can even make a two-way audio system on Bluetooth technology. For example, you can connect your old TV to an old amplifier or speaker and enjoy the cinematic audio with your favorite movie. There are three types of Bluetooth audio devices available in the market.

  1. Bluetooth Audio Transmitters
  2. Bluetooth Audio Receivers
  3. Dual in Mode (Bluetooth Audio Transceivers)

If you want to connect your old TV set to your old speakers. Try buying a Bluetooth audio transmitter and a Bluetooth audio receiver. both come with 3.5mm AUX jack. Follow the steps given below and enjoy super audio with a movie on your TV.

  1. Plugin the Bluetooth audio 3.5mm connector to a 3.5mm headphone jack in your TV set.
  2. Plugin the Bluetooth audio receiver 3.5mm connector to 3.5mm AUX jack in your speakers or old amplifier.
  3. Turn on both devices.
  4. Normally if these types of devices are within the range of 30ft, both devices will be paired automatically with each other.
  5. Start a movie on your TV and Turn on your old speakers/amplifier. Enjoy it.

4) Connect Your Phone to Your Old Car Deck and Stream Music on Bluetooth

Imagine if you are driving a car with an old audio deck and you don’t have an audio collection in your car deck. You can always use audio content available on your phone and play through your old car deck. You can use Bluetooth audio receiver again to connect your phone and stream music using Bluetooth.

There are several Bluetooth audio devices available in the market, therefore, the appropriate product is called “Bluetooth Receiver / Car Kit”. This device does not require some extra cables or connectors to use with it. Hence it’s really simple to connect. This device is shipped with a small 3.55mm AUX connector and you can connect your device to AUX input in your card deck.

Just turn on the device, car deck, and your phone. Connect your phone to the Bluetooth device and start streaming music from your phone to the card deck.

5) Record Professional Audio/Video Using your iPhone

iPhone or Android phones are shipped with awesome cameras these days. People record professional videos even video interviews with these mobile phone cameras. The key to record a good video is getting good audio as well. If the phone is a bit away from the object, it will capture and record other unwanted voices with a low volume of the object vocals.

The best idea is to use an external microphone with any mobile phone camera. You can place the microphone near the object to get a solid and clear voice recorded. You can even use some sort of Lavalier microphones which can be made hidden with the object.

For example, you are recording a video interview of a person. Try using an external microphone and hide it inside the cloths of the person being interviewed. This microphone will pick a high-quality voice from the object and put it straight to the phone and record that voice with video.

Bluetooth microphones are available in the market which is being used by professional videographers. These microphones are very costly. You can use some other devices available in the market for a few bucks and use instead of a professional Bluetooth microphone. Here is the solution.

  1. Buy a Bluetooth Receiver / Car Kit which has a built-in microphone as well.
  2. Turn on the device and connect to your iPhone or Android phones.
  3. Start recording pro audio.

6) Turn a Non-Bluetooth TV Into a Bluetooth TV

Do you feel limitation when you want to use your old TV with your bluetooth headphones or speakers? yes, most of the people are facing this issue. There are a lot of reason to use bluetooth headphones with your old TV, but let me explain what is the solution.

Can You Turn a Non Bluetooth TV Into a Bluetooth TV?

Yes, you can turn your non-Bluetooth TV into a Bluetooth TV with a Bluetooth audio transmitter. Here are the steps to use Bluetooth headphones with your old non-Bluetooth TV.

Step 1: Buy the following bluetooth transmitter.

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Step 2: Connect the Bluetooth audio transmitter using the 3.5mm aux cable with your TV.

Step 3: Turn on both your old TV and the Bluetooth transmitter.

Step 4: Follow the instructions to connect your Bluetooth headphone with the transmitter and enjoye.


Bluetooth empowers us to listen or record music/audio wirelessly. There are several Bluetooth adapters available in the market for audio uses. Whether you are going to stream music from your phone to old speakers or want to record videos with external Bluetooth microphones for a cheaper price. These Bluetooth audio adapters/receivers/transmitters are good and cheap. Hence everyone can buy and use for certain audio applications.

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  2. Wow that is a great info article about using bluetooth devices the unconventional ways. I have couple small bluetooth audio devices at home. This article gives me a new way to use those old bluetooth devices in audio connectivity.

  3. One other use is you can turn wired headphones into wireless headphones as long as you can have a 3.5mm audio jack in the headphones themselves. Even if you don’t, you can still buy a Bluetooth receiver female adapter and plug the 3.5mm wire into it.

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