Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues and How to Deal with Them

Wi-Fi is the basic necessity in our day to day life. The connection acts just like your friend whom you can’t avoid, and it provides you with the comfort you may need. Unfortunately, when the speed of your Wifi router slows down, the relationship becomes trouble. Why is my Wifi slow? is the question many people ask themselves. Troubleshooting or diagnosing a Wi-Fi router can be hectic for you at times. Thus, we have come up with the four best ways to improve your Wifi connection when I slow down.

1. The Position of the Router

Many people do ignore the right spot for their router connection. When you happen to place your router on the ground, then your connection will be slow. You should, therefore, choose the right position for your router where the connection is stable.

There exist many barriers to your Wifi connection. For instance, high or low grounds, concrete materials act as a barrier to your connection.

2. Concrete Walls Between Your Router and Wireless Adapter

Concrete walls act as a barrier to the router waves, and they prevent waves from reaching some locations. It mostly happens when you are connecting a router from a different house having concrete walls. It is advisable to put your router in an open place where you can easily access it without challenge.

3. Distance from Your Wifi Router

Distance also contributes much to the connection, and your router connection will keep on reducing the speed as you move far from the router. It mainly happens in apartments where you share a common router. You should maintain short distances to maintain a stable and good connection rather than staying far and miss to get the connection problems every time.

The router should be placed at the center of the house to increase connectivity and performance strength. You should set it at a place where it almost 360 degrees rotation from its location. When you place the router at the center of the house, you can enjoy browsing at your room of comfort.

4. WiFi Router interference and Noise

The waves around your router may slow down the strength of the connection. Microwaves can affect your connection; they usually affect routers that can broadcast or receive 2.4 GHz. The frequency of microwaves is higher than some routers. Therefore it overlaps the router connection waves. It is advisable that you buy routers of higher frequency.

5. Bluetooth Wireless Devices

Bluetooth devices also affects your router’s connection, the waves of Bluetooth operate at around 2.4GHz. Taking an option of buying routers that are sealed to avoid the interference can be a solution but not all the times. Your Bluetooth connections should be turned off when your Wifi connection is on, to prevent poor Internet connection and low speed.

6. Christmas lights

Christmas lights can be interference to your router connection too; it is because the waves create an electromagnetic field that lowers the speed of your Internet connection. Any electric light that produces the led lights can also generate an interference electromagnetic waves that cause slow Internet connection from your router. You should always put your router far from the lights to avoid this problem.

7. Your Surrounding

The nature of the place you stay can also determine the performance of your router. If you happen to stay in an apartment where a large number of the people have installed Wi-Fi, the speed of your will automatically slow down. The rate slows down if you are using a router that receives and broadcasts 2.4 GHz. Therefore, it is advisable to buy a router that exceeds this speed for better connectivity. Also, it is desirable to choose the best channel for your router. The problem of slow connection comes when you are sharing a common pathway with a neighbor or the people around you.

8. Your WiFi Adapter Speed

Your WiFi adapters can be cause of your slow internet speed too. Choosing a best wireless adapter allows you to use internet with maximum speed. Sometime compatibility between your WiFi Router and Adapter is the main cause. So choose your wireless adapter carefully.

9. Number of Connections

Router performance depends on the number of users connected to your network. The more the number of users, the lower the speed of the connection. Many connections create traffic and thus hindering router performance and broadcasting that time. You should be able to limit the number of connections for your router. The connections can come from intruders. Also, your router password can be hacked by intruders.

Have a strong password for your router and keep changing after sharing with your guests or friends. Get the best connectivity advice via www.tra.gov.ae and your issues will be solved.

The situation commonly affects people who use institutions networks; their connection is slow due to a large number of people connected and doing different things with the Internet.

10. Intensity of Downloads via Your Wifi Devices

When downloading bulk files, your Internet connection might slow down depending on the speed and broadcasting speed of your router. When your primary function of having a router is downloading large files, then you should look for routers at a considerable speed. For instance, routers with more than 100 lbs/s can be the best choice. Choose the best channel that will suit your Internet connection requirements.

11. Your locations

Some regions are just weak regarding connection. Low altitude areas tend to have weak signals, might be around water regions which interfere with the router waves. Most of the urban areas have stronger connections as compared to rural areas.

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In conclusion, poor router performance can be solved by following the above ways. Currently, every state is fighting towards having better Internet modes of transmission like fiber cables. Technology is making the world a better place. Improve your connection with the current trends in Internet connection modes. Besides having a better connection, challenges like hacking becomes a threat to your connection.

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