Microsoft Hololens – The Next Generation Technology

Holograms we see in hollywood movies are no longer just science fiction. Yes ! Microsoft has just introduced HoloLens, a science reality that will be released in the era of windows 10.  It uses see-through holographic high definition lenses and advanced sensors to produce high-quality holograms. And the good thing is “There’s no need for wires or PC. It will be self-contained hologram generator” HoloStudio, a development tool, has been introduced for Hololens, using that you can create your very own holographic applications.


Price $300-$700
Release Date Around December 2015
Features Standalone Windows 10 device

See-through Holograms

Virtual Reality



Kinetic 2.0

Wireless Charging


What is HPU

A Holographic Processing Unit or HPU is a co-processor specially designed for HoloLens to handle holographic stuff like gestures, face and voice recognition and spatial mapping. In above video, Alex Kipman tells that this processor can handle terabytes of data from it’s sensors at the same time.

Alex Kipman Demonstrates Microsoft’s Hololens

Uses for Microsoft’s Hololens

1. Designers and Engineers

Microsoft's Hololens for Designers and Engineers

Microsoft’s Hololens will bring the engineers to the next level. I mean, how cool would it be for designers to see their work in action. No need to make a test prototype for demo, they can demonstrate their work with Hololens.

2. Instructors


You can give instructions to someone via skype as shown in release video. Engineers can learn how to assemble things, doctors can learn how to do surgery on a virtual hologram.

3. Interior Design

Hololens for Unique Interior

Imagine if you could change you interior design each hour. Or you like red and your dad says blue. Well, with Hololens you both can have your own choice. When dad sees, interior is blue, and when you see, interior is red.

4. VR Games

Microsoft Hololens Virtual Reality Games


Hololens comes with not only Virtual Reality but holograms. Imagine your characters could come out of the box and you could see them live in action.

5. HoloPorn

Microsoft Hololens - Holoporn

Have you ever caught watching porn? Well, Microsoft’s Hololens will give you complete privacy with 3d holograms.

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