How to Record Video on Mac

Having an inbuilt camera on your computer, did you know that you can easily convert a video on Mac? It is not as complicated as you may be thinking. You can have an opportunity to record what you love, say a video for the sake of memory. You may not be having a professional camera like the ones we have best cameras for YouTube but still, you can do some recording. For instance, if you want to record a speech within a room environment, you only need to take a front seat and you can comfortably record that video. But how do that? This article gives you the steps you can follow to record a video on Mac.

Steps to Record a Video Using Mac

Step 1: Have a screen capture studio

It all starts here. Assuming you do not have a screen capture studio, you will have to get it. The simplest way to do this is just to download and install it. Your Ram must be having space for it. Using any browser, search for screen capture studio.

Once you download it, it will ask you to install. Just follow the procedure till you finally succeed. Do not worry if it tells you that the program is going to make changes to your computer. Allow the changes. If anything, the changes are never tangible.

Step 2: Set the recording parameters

The computer screen is normally large in some cases. If you record the video on a full screen, the quality may not be nice. The video may seem blurred or it may capture a very small area. It may even cut the main object. This is why you will have to set the parameters for the best results.

To do this, select the ‘record screen’ menu in the main window. There will be a frame that will be shown on the screen. To adjust it, pull its edges to the direction of preference based on the size of the screen that you want the video recorded in. Alternatively, you can use the presets on the frame to do the necessary adjustments.

From here, you can confirm the indication on the system audio and the microphone icon to see a green highlight. The highlight simply tells you the device which you will use to record the audio.

Step 3: Start Recording

Once you set the space for recording, you can now click the ‘REC’ icon which is normally red in color. The video will start recording. At such a point, you do not have really many options. You only need to ensure that you focus on the main object so that you do not capture a blank screen. You can, however, pause when there is a need to break and resume when you are back.

When you are done with the recording, you can now stop when you have finished recording then save it. Alternatively, if you do not want to save it, just click on ‘cancel’ button and it will stop without saving.

Step 4: Video Editing

This is the most demanding role when recording a video on Mac. It can either make your recorded video or destroy it. Probably you have spent more than an hour just doing the recording, you cannot dare to lose it at this point. There are many methods of editing. You definitely need some skills to do it.

The easiest method is called the final cut. If you choose this method, you will only have to cut the parts you feel you do not need and leave what is necessary. For instance, you can remove the long pauses on the video.

However, you need to be keen to make the cutting to be as smooth as possible so that you do not have the audio cut. The video part of it is normally easy since you can pick any scene different from what is going one and just attract the attention of your audience without them knowing that you had cut the video part.

Alternatively, you can open the raw video recorded and just use a different program to do the editing. Adobe Premium Pro is one of the software which can help you to achieve success. For Adobe, it gives you a different option for editing the audio and the video. The two will have a different timeline so that the editing of the audio does not affect that of the video. It is one of the best editors that you should consider.

However, if you are totally limited to do editing on your own, you can hire an editor. It is key that you do so since if you do not, your audience or even yourself will not like the video in the near future. This means that it will no longer serve its purpose. However costly, just go ahead and do it. Without the proper editing, you should not be proud to have recorded a video on the Mac. The final results matters than the process.

To make the video better, ensure you apply smooth transitions and effects. These are just to make a flow of the video which is not too plane to view. Modify the lighting and color effects. In the end, the video can become better than the original scene.

Step 5. Save the video

You are almost done now. When you feel that you have done all the necessary editing on your video, you can now save it with the changes. Saving helps you to retrieve the video anytime you need it. If you don’t save, you may lose it hence time wastage recording it. Always rem to save.


Recording a video using mac is not as much difficult as people consider it. Whether you want to record your Mac screen or want to record a face video, You can do that while installing small video apps in your mac.

Macbooks have high quality camera as compare to most smart phones available in the market. Therefore that camera does not compete professional DSLR cameras in the market. However, it records a good quality video.

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