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Since its inception in 2015, the Apple iOS watch has been developing by the day renewing its features with every launch of a new model. In 2018, Apple launched the Apple Watch 4 which is a big advancement from the original Apple Watch of 2015. Just like its predecessors, Apple Watch 4 is designed, developed and marketed by probably the biggest company in the world Apple Inc. Its main aim in the market is to incorporate fitness tracking and other health-oriented capabilities. If you want to find out more about the best smartwatch for women, then We have a separate detailed article on it.

These services have been developed more in the new Apple watch version alongside many other features that it integrates to do with Apple products and other IOS products and services. Many things have changed about the Apple Watch but one thing remains the same, it cannot work with Android devices. There are various factors that could be the reason for this phenomenon.

  1. Apple operating systems for a long time have not integrated with other systems: since Apple started building software for its Mac computers and even to the operating system in watches, they have never allowed for the interactions with other operating systems. Therefore, there is no way they could have made an exception with the watch. The watch performs tasks that could be easily operated from an android because their interfaces could be easily integrated. The catch is, however, in the case of the Apple phone, the only operation it requires
  2. The Apple watch does not connect with other Apple gadgets and iOS software: judging from the new Apple watch released in 2018, Apple Company wants to limit the number of devices that can connect with the apple watch. The watch cannot connect with Mac OS and Macbook. The watch can also not work with other systems from the same company. If you have an older version of Ios, be sure that your phone will not connect to the watch. With all these reasons bearing in mind, you should ask yourself why Apple would bother creating easy connectivity between the Apple watch and the android system.
  3. Apple may have a different aim for the watch: the apple watch has grown more advanced reducing its reliance on the iPhone. Previously, the Apple watch used to rely on the iPhone to complete most of its tasks. The two previous versions of Apple Watch 3 and Apple Watch 4 have been inclining towards making the phone more independent on itself while completing most of its operations independently.
  4. Apple wants a big share of the market: Apple wants most of the share market of phones and watches. With a lot of competition at stake, there is no way they would let other companies have the advantage of their new development. They believe that what they produce is the best and more superior to mother products and therefore making them compatible with other systems would make their brand look weaker. They might also have the goal of making a large part of the population to own iPhones in order to savor the good features of their watches.
  5. Apple wants its products to be special: the products produced by Apple are unique and solely use their software. The manner at which Apple market their products from laptops to phones to iTunes, they market their products as if they were not phones or laptops. Apple takes a lot of pride with its products such that they do not borrow features from other devices but develop their own and make sure their technology is ahead of all of the rest. This is the same mentality they are using with the apple watches. They do not want them to be associated with any other company or software other than their own.
  6. The target market: they might have been targeting the high-end market. Not to mean that the high-end customers do not own Android phones, but they can have more than one phone of which one might be an apple phone. At the prices they sell the products once they introduce them in the market, it is safe to assume that the people they target for their products are well-earning persons. On the launch of the Apple Watch 3, it used to sell at the price of $55 prohibiting most of the people at the lower middle class.

There are many things that could make the Apple Watch not to connect with an android system and all those reasons will lead back to the parent company. There are various arguments that people have brought forward to criticize the decision for Apple Inc to prevent their Apple watch to connect with android systems.

  1. The aim Of the Apple watch: One of the arguments that have been raised is the decision for Apple to lock out Android users from the benefits of fitness and health monitoring. The understanding is that if the aim of Apple was to make their watch reliable to people in maintaining their health status, then it could be of goodwill to offer it to everyone who is willing to buy.
  2. The ethics behind the brand: some people feel that Apple has gone beyond the ethical line by limiting health monitoring gadgets to the people by locking them out of the benefits just because they are android users.

Whether you are using an iPhone or an Android gadget, the benefits of the Apple watch could take you a long way in keeping time and monitoring your health. It is the desire of everyone that the apple watch will continue to be made more independent so that people can use them whether you have an android or iPhone.

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